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Updated 15-Apr-07

After Midnight Sims 2 - black and gold bedroom set

Aussie Top Enders - top left sideboard by Lucas (Cathy_LucasPlainSideboardExotic.rar)
Avalon - decorative wall plate (Gaels Majolica)
Bienchen's Sims 2 World - still life, page 3 of Misc; portrait on page 2 of Misc; 6 paintings on page 1 of Misc
Cindy's Sims - French bathroom and bedroom sets, paintings
Fanciful Sims - specializes in medieval and Renaissance clothes
Marina's Sims 2 - stone benches
Mod the Sims 2
    paintings by Ailias
    dresses by EnblithTheFair
Parsimonious - skins
Simpatico Sims - bedroom and dining room set
Sim Tract 2 - Mona Lisa painting
Sim World - incredibly detailed dress by Bonky
Sims 2 Love
- paintings by Boticelli, Vermeer
Sims Mod Board - table and bench
Spiffy Sims
    Venetian Dining set by Muga
TS2 Creations - new dress mesh; tapestries ("Medieval", added 6/10/06)
The Sims 2 c
The Sims 2 Downloads - Vampy! set
Vita Sims - fireplace with caryatids; chest ($)

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