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Updated 18-Mar-07

Heart-shaped bed
    Mesh -
zebra recolor - Sims 2 Arena
    rust recolor - Sims 2 Arena
    several recolors - PGs Sims 2
    several recolors - Karr's Rekolors Two for Sims 2
several recolors - Sweet Simsations
recolor at Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes
recolor at Serenity Sims
recolors at Carole's SIms 2
white at
Sweet Coventry

Hunky guys
Rock Chick Sims

After Midnight Sims 2 - black silk pajamas with red dragon design for men and women
Around the Sims - Oriental Nap outdoor set, bedding, room sets
Babbyebe Sims - rose, page 33
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes
- in heart-shaped bed set, hear-shaped tray with Champagne flutes and long-stemmed rose
Eclectic Sims - Lovers' Bedroom under Recolours > Sets
Edenstyle - pale pink marble love tub recolor
Juniper Sun - exotically furnished lots, necklaces, exotic walls, terrain paints
Mod the Sims 2
pink dining room by alanyaangel
India-inspired bedroom by musicjunkie98
rose petals by Lethe_s
Objects for Sims 2
- single long-stemmed rose in Earthly Autumn Dining Set
Serenity Sims - Recolor of Reflexsims Wellness Set, recolors of Around the Sims patio set, water lily bowls, water lily vases, pillows, room sets
Simcastic Designs - The Love Shack (cabin, under Starter Homes)
SiMHz ($) Romance Garden sets in several colors
Simlische Welt - Romance Hotel
Simply Sims 2 Recolours - lipstick print bedroom
Sims Desire - The Dark Rose Set (bedroom and living room) under Downloads > Sets > The Dark Rose Set
Springwolf's Elegant Decor
    rose photo tryptich in Shades of Rose bedroom
The Sims Resource

    candles in bottles by MsBarrows
    candle trios by simaddict99
    candelabras by simaddict99
    romantic garden cottage by amandaharlan
    swans and ducks by windkeeper
    heart candles by DOT
    Mood of Love bathroom by Cloisonne
    long-stemmed roses in vases by DOT
    Romanesque stone garden set by Simaddict99

Amandaharlan's cottage at The Sims Resource

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