Updated 19-Jun-07

After Midnight Sims 2 - desks
Aussie Top Enders Sims 2 - kitchen, dining sets
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke - weathered blue wood build items here
Erininy Sims 2 - bakery lot in a rustic log cabin
Linda's Sims 2 - old wooden fence and gate
Mod the Sims 2 -
fireplace with cauldron (working stove) by -Maylin-
Schnattchens Sims 2 - walls
Simaholics R Us - Rustic Living Room parts 1 and 2, Rustic Kitchen, Rustic Dining
Simcastic Designs - pine table and chairs; fridges to match Seasons country cabinets
Spiffy Sims
    Teal with Wood kitchen by Miss Beki
The Complete Sim
The Sims Resource ($)
    rustic country living room, decorative milk cans by simaddict99

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