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Updated 17-Jan-07

Around the Sims - Souk Bathroom, Modern Line living room
- ($) Sims 1 lovebed
Aussie Top Enders Sims 2 - Bob and Betty Newbie; Bob Newbie tabletop statue
Deviant Sim - Sims 1 walls
dh-sims-site - Dincer's Sims 1 sets
Eclectic Sims - Superstar windows under New Objects > Sets
Edenstyle - photo studio: camera and light with diffuser shade
Eye Candy - Unleashed pastry cart by Shameless Lurker
Juniper Sun - Juniper Sun's sims 1 walls
M and M Needful Things - ($) heart bed and nice recolors
Max3D - iron and greet table and chair set, cheap mini TV, FlushForce toilet
McTrick's Place - female adult in teal housedress and pink curlers
Mod the Sims 2
    Jack the Stripper by martyk
    studio lamps by targa
    backdrops and camera by targa
    all walls by KHLVH
    gold records by maree464
    hacker career by cpu5594
    dance floor tiles by supernova
    high tank toilet by Targa
    old-fashioned stove by hed
    bubble windows by Mutantbunny
houses by Melly_Sim
fountain by XxHalfBloodPrincexX
PC-Sims - Superstar set (camera, trailer, director's chair, clapper board, bullhorn, stage mike, awards, stunt rubble pile, recording studio equipment)
PG-Sims2 - heart bed
Piggi's Sims - recolors of Mutantbunny's bubble windows
Sims 2 Beauty - Bob and Betty Newbie
Sims Shoppe ($) - Makin' Magic twig fence

Simslice - TS1 houses, Goth family, Newbie family
Snooty Sims - wallpaper
Studio B43 ($) Colorama's beautiful Christmas Market, recreated for Sims 2. Cotton candy, hot dog, and candy apple stands are free.
The Sims Resource
    recolor of Around the Sims living room by Nanshi Nibble
The Sims Zone - Bella dress in black
Totally Sim Crazy 2 - houses
Well Dressed Sim - ($) La Boca Grande Part 1 and Part 2, The Crimson Crustacean Part 1 and Part 2, Wine and Pine Kitchen

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