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Updated 9-17-06

Alice Fashion - French jersey, Japan outfit
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - fan outfits
Chinafan Sims - 2006 FIFA World Cup theme: stadium lot, soccer balls, and ceiling-hung deco
Edenstyle - soccer fan outfits; click on "Scarica ora!"
Freaksche Downloads - jerseys
Sim Paradies - German outfits for men and women, plus German flag fingernails ;)
Sims 2 Beauty - soccer stars
Sims 2 Cri - Italian uniforms
Sims 2 Eyes - soccer ball earrings and necklace
Sims 2 Heaven - stadium lot
Sims 2 for Simscorner - WM Room, under Meshes > Objects: ottoman, coffee table, lamps, German flag
Sims Divine - English football kits
Sims Fan - men's outfits in Free area
The Sims 2 Shoppingcenter - clothes for the family
The Sims Resource ($) three soccer stadium lots by Tiko
The Sims Zone - World Cup country flags by Starrats

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