Southern U.S.

Updated 25-Mar-07

Also see Gone with the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird in Movies and TV

Meshkiste - bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey
Mod the Sims 2
    stately home with circular driveway by Nigel_Halfwit
    Creole cottage by Sotalia

    Carolina Suburban home by judfer
    The Myrtles Louisiana plantation by lalena2248
    Southern Comfort house with special staircase by Luthien
    Antebellum South living room set by McAlli
    Dogwood and gingham bedroom by McAlli
    A Streetcar Named Desire diner by gemini2281
    New Orleans-style tombs
Sims 2 Suchtis - houses on stilts, here, here, and here
Springwolf's Elegant Decor - Confederate flag
The Sims 2 Noir - Coastal Carolina Beach House
The Sims 2 Source - Thirlmere House
Wicked Sims - Sweet Home Alabama

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