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Updated 26-Jun-07

37 Sims - wine bottle holder, toaster, condiments, fruit basket, tea set, clocks
Around the Sims 2
    teapot and mugs
    teapot print in a silver frame
    ($) teapot and cups on a tray
Avalon - Moroccan tea set mesh and recolor, tea tray in
Pure Living set
Avenida Sims - teapot lamps on page 2 of lighting
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes - pastel tray, pot and mugs in Studio B43 bedroom recolor
Dincer Hepguler - tea set on a tray
Hummingbird Recolors - recolors of Linda's Sims teapots under Decor a la Mode
Karr's Kustom Recolors - teapot recolors
Kit's Sims 2 Stuff - Tea Time wall and floor set under Wall Sets > Dining
Linda's Sims 2Torials ($) steaming teapots
Mod the Sims 2
    Alessi teakettle by boblishman     What is Alessi?
    Electric kettle by boblishman
    Teapot and glasses by LexisatNexus
    Park Life Tea Rooms lot by anelca; small park with bandstand and tea rooms, maze with seats and sculptures, photo booth, toilet facilities
    Lipton Tea by alanyaangel
    sugar bowl and box of tea by alanyaangel
    tea room on community lot by jonesi
    Japanese tea house by kashinthegreen
    brown stoneware teapot and white mugs by MizzesSimmer
    teapots and cups by Jasana
PC-Sims - make and drink tea by Katy_76; changes body temp in Seasons
Peggy Sims - teapot and cups on a tray
Puresims - large white teapot and cup
Purple Juice - Benedicte tea room; Cozy Sun Room has teapot and cups
Sim People and Me - teapot, mugs, and tray in Ochanoma dining room set
Simcrow - Maple-framed teapot painting by Emma Hunk (under decorative > wall hangings)
Simplan X ($) teapot, mugs, sugar bowl, tray in Occasions dining table set
Sims 2 FeeEssen - teapot and tray of cups, recolor, teapot
Sims 2 Marktplatz - (children's?) teacups
Sims 2 Suchtis - Photoshopped teakettle prints (link is to the entire set; can also download separately by clicking on the creator's name)
Sims Connection ($) Afternoon Tea set:
samovar and tea glasses, teapot and cups, tea sandwiches
Sims Design Sisters - "tea and toast" wallpaper by Bacchus
Sims Divine - cup and saucer
Simsistic - teapot under
Objects > New Meshes > Decoration > page 3
Street Chicers - wallpaper with teapot and cups border
Studio B43 - green teapot and cups in wicker tray
in Banana Republic Rebuilds > Banana china part3 set
Stylishly Tiggerific TS2 - Liz Recolors > Apple Blossom Kitchen: teapot
TS2 Downunder - teacup and saucer

The Sims Resource ($) teapot and cups (new mesh)
The Well Dressed Sim ($) tea service on light tray in Romo living room; dark tray here
Vita Sims
    Moroccan tea set
    Japanese teapot and cups

Wall Sims - Evasion Ibiza set ($) - teapot and mugs

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