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Updated 30-Jun-07

8th Deadly Sim ($) Grunge Set
Around the Sims - Indus[trial] bathroom
    "rustbuckets" (cars) by wirelessguy
    second-hand furniture by wirelessguy
    eat from trash/salvage from trash enabled trashcans by Squinge
Linda's Sims2Torials ($) ash tray and cigs, The Dirty Truck
Max3D - Junky TV
McTrick's Place - TV, recliner, lamps, desk, computer, boombox, double bed linens, girl's bedroom set, toddler girl's nursery set, crib linens, dirty kitchen sets in three colors, grubby door and window, graffiti-ed bricks, dirty walls, and clothing, including women with their hair in curlers, a dirty wife-beater for men  (a type of shirt, that is), and a girl's outfit
Mod the Sims 2
Trashed set by DumBblOndE
    CosiTrash set by lithium_1103
rats by Suiryuue
web folding chairs by zookini (I love these chairs, but yes, they would look at home next to a trailer)
    couch car - driveable couch on wheels
Ogularama - oil drums
Sapphire Sims - "Motel" neon sign, pickup truck hot tub
Simcastic Designs - BRING IT ON Land Lubbers Challenge trashy lot - no walls, just trashy stuff on the grass!
Simlische Welt - trashy houses
Sims 2 feeEssen - toddler potty in the form of a pail
Sims 2 Home Design - lots
Simslice - toilet fountain hehehehe
The Sims Resource ($)
    Flat Broke set by MsBarrows - car seat sofa, boarded-up windows, more
    chicken-wire fence by Cyclonesue
    Run Down Apartment walls and floors by Sassy_Pants
    boarded-up windows by Cyclonesue
    Urban Renewal bedroom set by Cyclonesue
Go for Broke theme week - furniture, plastic plants, cheap deco items, more

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