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Updated 4-Jul-07

The Sims Resource ($) Tropical Paradise theme

Furniture and deco
After Midnight Sims 2 - stained glass windows with parrot, tropical fish, dolphin, and mermaid themes; shower curtain, walls; egret and parrot paintings
All4Sims -
rustic outdoor bar set by derMarcel:
Straw pavilion roof, straw umbrella, large circular bar, table, chair, barstool, party light string, and bamboo fence.
Misc items: inflatable boat, lifeguard chair, puffy round raft with palm tree
Beach windshade and blanket
Folding beach chair and small table
lifeguard chair recolors
Andu's Sims 2 Archiv - wall sets
Asamo - old-fashioned desktop fan
Aussie Top Enders Sims 2 - rattan, wicker, and cane living room sets
     rattan chair in African Living set
     stucco walls in Caribbean colors
     Island Treasure and Seashore Tiles floors
exterior set by Steffor
Avenida Sims - tiki chessboard, chairs, bar, barstool under Objects > Outdoor; tiki kitchen and nursery sets
Babbyebe Sims - openwork screen (shown below)
Bienchens Sims 2 World - child's pail, shovel, and sand mold, page 8 of Meshes
Bines Sim Revue - bsr_bedroom03_oceanblue.rar bedroom set in tropical colors
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo -
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke - living room/bar set
Dreamland Sims 2 - Tropical Set Bambus
Eclectic Sims - tropical-style ceiling fan
Grapholina's Sims - Calypso dining room set
Laurel Designs - ceiling fan
Linda's Sims 2 Tutorials - louvered doors, pinewood stereo
MABRA's Gallery 4 Sims - Aloha/Flamingo doormat, under Update 01.08.05, filename MABRA_doormat06_270705
Meshkiste - framed parrot prints; bamboo furniture set; huge wicker patio set, includes bar, seating, tables;  rustic boat, hammock, and umbrella
Mod the Sims 2
    tropical ceiling fan by snowstorm
    Caribbean-inspired bedroom set by MissTech03
    rattan sofas by terryl
    James Coleman paintings by FlyingCarpet
    Bamboo Set by skankyboy
    girl's hula skirt outfit by Sup@tramp
    blue marlin wall plaque by momma"b"
    straw roof by cilou
    working hammock by KevinsHope
PC-Sims - working hammocks by KevinsHope
Pam's Themes - walls, pictures
Parsimonious - Very Tikki Dining,
Very Tikki seating set and bar, clothing, Grass Skirts community lot with colorful cottages under Community > Extra Large
Sapphire Sims - Bluetone Tropical bathroom; Bronze Beach ($) huge set of lots, sims, clothes, objects, terrain
Simfantastic 2 -
Summer Life "Expansion Pack" - really cute, huge set
SIMful Design - (part $) Tropical bedroom on page 2 of Room Sets > Bedroom
SiMHz - Hawaii beds, Hawaii (outdoor?) set (post-mounted lanternt, bench, and plant)
Simpatico Sims - Beachy Bathroom, surfer wall art (in bedrooms), wall mural
Simply Sims 2 Recolors - undersea-themed patio set with privacy canopy
Simply Sims Designs
- Island Life bedroom set
Simply Styling - rattan bedroom, living room, Romantic Garden outdoor set including tropical drinks and tray of melon and coconut
Simplan-X - free outdoor wicker set
Sims 2 Arena
red blooms and greenery bedspread
    tropical flower pavilion recolor
    large seaside photos
    June Beach Event
Sims 2 Beauty - pictures
Sims 2 Day
- seating page 12

Sims 2 Marktplatz - 2500 member update with tropical-themed sets, lots, clothes, paintings, rugs, build objects, community lot objects
Sims 2 Recol - recolor of Meshkiste rustic beach set, under Recolors > Themen/Deco
Sims 2 Studio - Beachset Sunkiss: lighthouse, boat, oars, float, hot dog stand, bench, sign
Sims 2 Suchtis - big waves wall mural, recolor of Meshkiste wicker patio set
Sims Connection ($) - Ocean Breeze living room set with papasan chairs
Sims Cybers - tropical drink prints by Cyberfriend
Sims Divine - canvas beach chairs
Sims Fashion Barn - Hawaiian print bedding and curtains, under Room Sets
Spiffy Sims
    August Jungle/Tropical theme
    Pink Hibiscus bathroom, bedroom by HeartSpirit
    PB Teen Coastal bedroom by Jasminevs
    Wicker bedroom set by Muga
    A Touch of the Tropics sunroom by Miss Beki
    Tropical Party Patio by Nikki041498
    Bamboo Wood bedroom by Malitia
    Deep Tropics living room by Muga
    Pink Flamingo bedroom by Betsy 4 Arts
    Tropical bed and bath, nursery by ead425
    Tropical vacation home by Heartspirit
    Ocean Waves living room by Bortai Degera
    Pirate's Cove bed and bath by ead425
    Tropical bar by Miss Beki
    Hibiscus lounge by Malitia
    Leaves of the Tropics patio set by LaLunaRossa
    Tropical Floral Artwork by Miss Beki
    Tropical Pool Set by Betsy4Arts
TS2 Down Under - flamingo and frangipani paintings
The Sims Resource ($)
    Flamingo Beach set by Betsy4Arts
    Tropicalnite Bedroom by Cloisonne
Tiffy May - tiki bar in lilac patio set - Paradise bedroom set
Wood for Sims - (part free, part pay) Bamboo bathroom set, bamboo kitchen set
All4Sims - Little Caribbean Village
Annie's Sims Page - Beach Bar 52 community lot
Babbyebe Sims - "Air Supply", beautiful screened house (pic is on the Asian page).
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - Lonely Beach, Palm Beach with octagonal cottages
Dimorasims - La Isla Bonita lot; Jungle lot (the description indicates a community lot, but the screencap shows a mailbox and trashcan)
Lizard Lounge - beachside houses
Marina's Sims 2 - West Indies cottage
Mod the Sims 2
    Sison's Beach House by camarossz28
    beach with fish shop and restaurant by camarossz28
Parsimonious - Grass Skirts colorful beachside shops
Rubytown - Hotel Malé
Sapphire Sims - Island Project Hut; Bronze Beach ($) huge set with lots
Sims 2 Arena - June Beach Event
Sims 2 feeEssen - More and More beachside community lot. Lot pics are in the forum under Die Sims2 » Bilder von Gemeinschaftsgrundstücken! » More and More
Sims 2 Marktplatz - 2500 member update with tropical-themed lots
Sims Connection ($) Holiday Beach lot
Sims Suisse - Maison Ocean (Beach House)
Simshexchen - Blue Lagoon house by Simshexchen
Sophisticated Sims - Tiki Home Gift Shop (part free, part $)
Styling Home - Lotus beach house
Tecno Sims - overwater bungalow
Vita Sims - tropical island lot
Wall Sims - Seychelles bungalow

Blackys Sims 2 Zoo
     low palm mesh
     medium recolor
     dark recolor
     dark Maxis recolor
     palm set in multiple sizes
Linda's Sims 2 Torials ($) palm tree recolors, terrain
Mod the Sims 2
    plants by mickyss
    many palm varieties, in multiple sizes, by

Retail Sims - coconuts
Wood for Sims - Outdoor Plants Sets 1 and 2

Bipsouille - flower necklaces
PG's Sims 2 -
beachwear (bikinis with skirt wraps)
Samba Sims 2 - Hawaii theme clothes
Sapphire Sims - Bronze Beach ($) huge set including clothes
Sims 2 Arena - June Beach Event
Sims 2 Marktplatz - 2500 member update with tropical-themed clothes
The Sims Resource ($)
    tropical plants by Bitzybus
    jungle-building kit by cyclonesue
    40's tropical swimsuits by Xandher
XM Sims - palm trees, yucca plant, dracaena tree

Openwork screen from Babbyebe Sims

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