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Updated 30-Jun-07

2-for-u - lace curtains on page 6 of Objects
4Ever Simfantasy
AMJoie Virtual Life
After Midnight Sims - Victorian gazebo recolor
Amethyst's Flying Circus - recolor of 4ESF furniture
Aussie Top Enders Sims 2
Avalon - Tiffany lamp recolors, Cottage Bath Set
Avenida Sims - oil lamps
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - bedroom
Cindy's Sims - oil lamps, lace curtains, furniture, tile walls and floors
Eclectic Sims - French pram, c. 1875, plus other nursery items
Enchanted Forest - nursery
Fantasy Sims 2
Grapholina's Sims 2
Helga Sims
Karins Sims 2 - elegant walls and furniture
Limmerfer's Sims 2 - Victorian Project
Marina's Sims 2 - Tiffany lamp recolors, Gothic stone planters and fountains
Mod the Sims 2
    high tank toilet by Targa
    lilac tea dress by Czasza
toddler outfit by VShevaV
Hansom cab (horse-drawn enclosed carriage) by hexameter
Paladin's Place - roll-top desk
Paradise Sims - candlestick, hurricane lamps
Rados Sims 2
- Victorian cupboard on page 6 of Objects
Sapphire Sims - sims, lots
Savage Sims
- standing mirror
Sim Snobs ($) - furniture, clothing, walls, build items, residential and commercial lots
Simplan-X ($) washbowl and pitcher, drapes, paintings
Sims 2 Day
Sims 2 Ellis
Sims 2 FeeEssen - gramophone
Sims 2 Gara's Boutique - Victorian wooden wardrobe under Objects > GARA-MESH
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors - recolor of Tarox Romance bath
Sims 2 Sisters - gramophones
Sims Divine -
sets and objects by Mummysim
Spiffy Sims
    clothing by ead425, Betsy4Arts, Nethie
    furniture by Betsy4Arts, HeartSpirit, ead425, Nethie, MummySim, DancingAphrodite
    pictures by Steffieb
    walls by Amy52167, Melusine
    houses by Fionghuala, Nikki041498, WhiteFolks
Studio B43 - "Anno 1900" dining room cupboard and living room furniture, under Esszimmer/diningroom
The Anything Box - telephone disguised as a decorative box
The Sims 2 Downloads
The Sims Resource ($)

    Victorian wedding set by c_literati
    Potbelllied stove by luvs10s
    rugs and runners by c_literati
    Victorian Week
    deco items, including china and a silverware case, by Cashcraft; recolor here and mesh here
    dining room by Cashcraft; recolor here and mesh here
    laundry room by Cashcraft ($)
Tweetysmom's Treasures
Variousimmers forum - Victorian gazebo
Victorian Sims
Vita Sims - All Victorian items are ($)
    room sets, pages 6, 7, 17, 18, 19 20, 22, 23, 28, 29

old-fashioned pool table and wall racks
    Tea Party shop set - page 39 of Donation sets
    Victorian Fashion shop - page 40 of Donation sets
Wood for Sims ($)
Livingroom/Bibliothek “Bavaria”

All About Style
Bipsouille's Sims 2

Doll House
Melon Fresh
Men's Wear
Mod the Sims 2 - Victorian tea dress by Sussi
Pico's Multiwear - Upstairs/Downstairs
Sim Freaks ($) "Notting Hill" womens' clothing
Sims 2 Clothing - girl's velvet and lace dress
under Costumes
Sims Family - clothes by Roxelane
Simultaneous Designs ($)
Sophisticated Sims 2 - "Rich Gowns" set; some in donation sets
Sussi's So Good Sims
Sweet Simsations
The Sims 2 UK - peach colored dress by Ssarient
The Sims Artists Union -
female dress-(-female suit10) by YaBe

The Sims Resource ($)
    Victorian Week
Vita Sims - bonnet mesh and recolors; girls' outfits; ($) hats; handbags

Game Island - chignon in a snood (?) (netting), page 5 of hair
Guppy Sims - midcentury side curls
Sussi's So Good Sims

Build items
Herself 4 Sims 2 - beautiful leaded glass windows and arches in MultiStone build set
Holy Simoly - porch railings
Limmerfer's Sims 2 - Victorian Project
Marina's Sims 2
Parsimonious - gingerbread exterior walls
Sapphire Sims 2 - wrought iron fence, window, and gazebo sets by Moon_EZ
Sim World - decorative gables, cupolas by grinder
SunniSims - Holy Simoly porch railing recolors
The Sims Resource ($) Maxis-match Victorian items by c_literati;
Victorian Week, white scrollwork screen doors by Raveena
Vita Sims ($)

Christine's Creations
Everyday Sims 2 - Village Green community lot with bandstand
Exnem's Sims - free "Victorian Folly"
Fantasy Sims 2
Invisible Sims 2 - Red Victorian House
Komosims forum - Victorian cottage lot by Maltha002
Limmerfer's Sims 2 - Victorian Project
Mod the Sims 2 - Victorian "Salvation Army" slum (dorm)
Sapphire Sims - 19th Century Mansion, #41 Anne Street, European 19th Century Village Plaza
Schnattchens Sims 2
The Sims Resource ($)
    Victorian Week

Sapphire Sims 2

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