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Updated 26-Jun-07

If only the site name is listed, the site has wedding gowns

Wedding arch
Diamond Sims - under Arredamento > Feste
Sims 2 Day
Sims 2 Off the Rack
Spiffy Sims - by Betsy4Arts under Main > TS2 Objects > Furniture > Misc

2 Fantastic - round banquet tables with tablecloths

All About Style - Victorian
AsSIMilation - Aurora Wedding Chapel - wedding party and families outfits; veils
Charmed Sims ($)
Coco Sims - very elegant, detailed mens' tuxes
Coventry Corners
Dieter und Ursula - red, white and pink wedding chapel lot
Distant Eyes - under Clothes > Collections > Your Wedding Day
Eden Sims
Edenstyle - Doll's House dining room makes a great wedding reception set
Eye Candy
Game Island
InSIMenator - Lover's Cake (beautiul pink cake with red accents) by Teresa
Jazzylicious Sims
Karr's reKolors Two for Sims 2 - cakes
Liana Sims
Linda's Glamour Sims - Bridal living room, bath, and bedroom matching room set
LoSims 2
M&M Needful Things ($, adult)
Mellisenda's Sims 2 - medieval gown with tiara
Mod the Sims 2
    dress and veil by SSChan
    horse-drawn carriage by hexameter
    Vera Wang by vuittonboi1989
Owaiz Sims
horse-drawn carriage by hexameter
    get married with priest by Katy_76
    wedding armoire by Katy_76
    gorgeous bride collection by sire180: 5 dresses, 5 veils, 4 tiaras
Pico's Multiwear Sims 2 Fashion - Brides of the World collection
Pronup Sims - clothing, plus cakes and different brands of Champagne
Romance Simswinter wedding collection
Rose Sims 2 - veil
Sapphire Sims 2 - Sapphire Sims 2 Bride and Groom. Groom wears an all-white tux and tophat.
Samba Sims 2
Sim 2 Fashion - veils
Sim Chic ($)
Sim Creations
Sim la Lueppi
Sim Showroom - wedding theme
Sim Sister's Creations
Simaniac -
Simpatico Sims
- Sandy's Bridal Party; Summer Love wedding set under Misc; Beautiful Bride by Sandy
Sim World - under Hochzeit
Sims 2 Beauty
Sims 2 Boutique
Sims 2 Cri
Sims 2 Elegance
Sim 2-Fashion ($) June 2006 donation set
Sims 2 FeeEssen - pastel tablecloths
Sims 2 Heaven - covered wedding reception chairs with white covers and maroon ribbons
Sims 2 Like it Hot

Sims 2 Marktplatz
Sims 2 Me
Sims 2 Net
Sims 2 Paradise
Sims 2 Sisters - veils, veils, veil
Sims 2 Suchtis - bride and groom outfits
Sims 2 World
Sims Connection ($) Elegant Bridal Boutique, Deluxe Wedding Centre
Sims Couture - Wedding Collection
Sims Fashion Barn
Sims Islands
Sims Trouvailles - lush green wedding arch by Mya
Simplan-X ($) Wedding set: beautiful white, red, and gold altar, podium, table, and pews under Themes
Simsfan 2 ($)
Sophisticated Sims ($) spectacular white wedding lot, objects, and skins
Spiffy Sims
    Lavender Dreams Wedding set by HeartSpirit
    bridal balloon collection by Heartspirit
Sweet Coventry - bride's and bridesmaid's dresses
Sumaris Sims
TS2 Creations
TS2 DownUnder - Little Wedding Chapel lot
The Complete Sim - clothing, wedding chapels, and bridal suite with 19 objects
The Sims Resource

    Bridal Suite by sww
Garden wedding set by c_literati
Totally Sim Crazy
Vita Sims - Wedding House; Victorian gown (biene_tranz_puff201005), white gown, and headpieces
XM Sims - gowns, veils, hair beads

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