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Updated 7-1-06

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Cindy's Sims 2 - French Provincial walls in yellow and blue bath
McTrick's Place
- French Country Kitchen and Living room donation set (available during October 2005 only)
Mod the Sims 2
    landmark posters by musicjunkie98
    Napoleon painting by Hermes
Napoleon sim by ReginaS
    Josephine sim by ReginaS
Sims Connection
- ($) Saint Tropez lot
Spiffy Sims

    French bathroom by Betsy4Arts
    Provencial bathroom by Muga
    Country Living Toile in green and blue by SSilver
    Fleur de Lis bedroom by SSilver
    Monet's Water Lilies painting and mural in bedroom set by SSilver
    Two-story mural of Monet's Sunrise painting in Sunrise Breakfast Room by SSilver
    French Country kitchen by Mummysim and Nikki041498
    Renoir painting in Victorian Gold living room set by Mummysim
    Normandy chair and sofa by Phadrae
The Complete Sim -
blue and red French Provincial bedding by Debbie (in set_obj(deb)
The Sims 2 Download - Versailles collection
Villa Sim - Van Gogh paintings

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