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These items work as wardrobes/dressers

Updated 24-Feb-07

4Ever Simfantasy - purple dress on a hanger, table with folded blanket, modern shelving
Amethyst's Flying Circus
    recolor of marmy's double closet from MTS2
    recolor of marmy's single closet from MTS2
Around the Sims - clothes rack suspended from the ceiling in Indus[trial] bedroom
Coventry Corners - OFB? Family Fun Pack? abbreviated Maxis dresser
Mango-Sims - closet with frosted glass sliding door in Tom bedroom set, under Meubles > Chambres > page 4
Mod the Sims 2
    clothes hook dresser by Targa here and here
    clothes rack by Htksos
    Merola's end-table dressers
    modular closet units by thefuzmixman
    hacked dresser by cathair2005 - toddlers can change and plan clothes; can buy clothes for $0
    women's closet rod by IndigoRage
    men's closet rod by IndigoRage
    double closet with doors by marmy
    single closet with door by marmy
    IKEA-style clothes cabinet by Katy_76
Reflexsims forum - recolors of Mango-Sims Tom bedroom closet
    folded shirt (dresser)
    kitchen counter (dresser)
    end table (dresser)
Simply Similicious ($) closet doors and clothes rack
Sims 2 Gara's Boutique - Victorian wooden wardrobe under Objects > GARA-MESH
Sims Fashion Barn - buyable clothes on closet rod or sunflower plant - buy clothes at home
Simslice ($) buyable clothing rack for home
The Sims Resource ($)
    The Great Portholio stacked washer/dryer (dresser) by MsBarrows
    ironing board (dresser) by Cemre
    clothes hung on a rod by Dr. Pixel
    freestanding clothes rack by SunAir

Hall coat rack
A Bit Modern - page 2 of Objects
Babbyebe Sims - modern rack with wooden hangers in acid green bedroom set
Sims 2 Beauty - gold, with matching suite of furniture

Shore rack
Sims 2 FeeEssen

Open closets
A Bit Modern
    Recolor of Reflexsims walk-in closet units, page 2 of Objects
    Recolor of Sunairsims shelving, page 3 of Objects
Aussie Top Enders - freestanding clothes rack
SimIngo - Wallsims Lotus bedroom recolor
Sims 2 Arena - recolor of Sims 2 Sisters hall set
Sims 2 feeEssen - for a child's room
Sims 2 Sisters - hall sets
Wall Sims - Lotus bedroom (free)

Armoires/wall units
4Ever Simfantasy - Bedroom 7,  ($) Bedroom 8, ($) Bedroom 5 glass enclosed, Bedroom 2 partially enclosed
Dee's Elegant Decor - recolor of Vita Sims' Manhattan bedroom set
Harmonia Sims - recolor of XM Sims bedroom set
Sims 2 FeeEssen - kids' closet
Vita Sims - in Manhattan bedroom set
XM Sims

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