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Updated 5-Apr-07

Cindy's Sims - cupcake and bundt cake recolors of Retail Sims mesh
Dreamland Sims - German Victorian bakery, under Möbel > Extra Set
Edenstyle - pastry shop
Erininy Sims 2 - bakery lot in a rustic log cabin
Eye Candy - Unleashed pastry cart by Shameless Lurker
Bakery ’Possumunkki’
by m618915
    vintage framed pastry prints by Amber1981
    round dome cakestand with coffee mugs and muffins
Mod the Sims 2
    bakery career by SuperFly
    French bakery product photos and wall menus by HChangeri (Retail Sims)
    Retail Sims cake recolors by SimVeggie
    edible bakery items by Exnem
    layered pastry bars by Octavius
    steaming hot bread by sun-flower
    three-tiered rose cake by feeEssen
    another three-tiered cake by feeEssen
    working cake kiosk by katy_76
Pam's Themes - walls
Retail Sims (HChangeri) - shelf displays, counters, cakes, raised plate displays
Sim Biggi's Gallery - two-tiered cake
Sim Showroom - bakery items: pies, cookies, croissants, muffins, OFB shelves
Sims 2 feeEssen - Retail Sims bakery recolors
Sims 2 Studio ($) food store with
bakery items
Sims Connection - ($) French Bakery: bread and cake racks, counters, pastry and cake displays, tray of cupcakes, bread basket
Sims Omas - bakery lot and objects
The Sims Resource ($)
French bakery product photos and wall menus by HChangeri
Fake baked goods and display case by Windkeeper; OFB not required
    Fake baked goods recolor by judyhugssnoopy
    Jello and pie recolors of Windkeeper's mesh by Lady DarkFire
Vita Sims ($) Tea Party Victorian shop set

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