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See also Nightlife Objects, Bakery, Hair Salon

OFB clothes
All About Style
Fashion Sims 2
Ladybug's Sims 2
Sims Divine

Community/OFB lots
Alles Fuer Die Sims 2
Amanda's Homes
Bei Hugo
Bizness Sims
Chinafan Sims
    train (community lot by TiJiao; the train's cars are rooms)
    community lot with grocery store
, clothes and magazines by 88223457
ChiSaGo -
Christmas shop,
Cindy's Sims 2 Houses
Crystal Clear Sims - food photos for restaurants; Boondocks Bar and Grill
Dee's Decor 4 Sims
Diamond Sims - cafe
Edenstyle -
shops and hotels
Mod the Sims 2
    White supermarket set by paulo1388
    supermarket lot by Haegemon
    Wel-Mart by bibousgum
Sapphire Sims 2 - Happy Anniversary bakery
Sims 2 Marktplatz - OFB lots
Sims 2 Sisters - OFB lots
Sims Connection ($)
Sims Suisse - search for "communautaire": hotels, bistro, park
TS2 Downunder - Coffee at the Park; Little Wedding Chapel
Tecno Sims - "Hypersim" lot and recreation center
Wildalpin - many lots, including an outdoor market in a village square

4Ever Simfantasy - fashion shop
Asamo - escalator, meat display, shopping cart ($); 7-11 store set, liquor store objects, shoe store objects, bus stop set
Aussie Top Enders - traditional style OFB shelving
Besen's Sims 2 page - mannequins
Birgit43 - fish shop
Crystal Clear Sims - hot dog, Coke, hamburger, pizza framed prints
DJS Sims - salon chair recolors
Debbysims 2 free OFB shelves
Edenstyle - clothing store objects, market objects with marble counters; Rose Petal shop: fashions, hair styling, shelves, and more
Guderuns Sims - candy
Eye Candy - Unleashed pastry cart by Shameless Lurker
Heaven Scent Sims - OFB display counters and shelves
Holy Simoly - displays with transparent colored shelves
    OFB shelves by Teresa
    Publix supermarket by Euroboy
    Store and hair salon sets by sgoobysnacks
    Mannequins by sgoobysnacks
Laurel Designs - changing booths
Limmerfer's Sims 2 - OFB toy shop
Linda's Sims2Torials ($) supermarket, hot dog stand and cooler (free)
Loving Touch Designs ($) country shop furniture
Mango Sims - Set Victoria: beauty parlor chair, club chairs, wigs, beauty products
Max 3D - HarveyHelf - cute shop shelf
Max Sims
    grocery store set in 7 colors
    shopping carts, carry baskets, sidewalk ads, sidewalk kiosk (page 2)
Mermaid Cove - OFB bakery set, Dolly Pink salon
- shopping cart, store tote, fruit, signs,
art supply store objects, under Themen
Mia's The Sims 2 Downloads - electronics display
Mod the Sims 2
    White supermarket set by paulo1388
scrolling LED sign by boblishman
    cash register by zachary350
    occult shop by Lethe_s
    soda dispenser by thefuzmixman
Dumpster by Cazkiwi
health food store by SimVeggie
    Toys 'R' Us and KB Toys lit signs
by atavera
    car wash by Bino Maus
Radisson sign by atavera
    Bed Bath & Beyond shop by SwtNess2
    banking expansion pack by Katy_76: You place a bank lot with a bank terminal in order to use this expansion pack. Besides the many custom objects, the expansion pack adds new gameplay:
    - own and operate a bank (as you would an OFB store or service)
    - accumulate, transfer, credit and deposit simoleons
    - certain sims can ask other sims for money, or steal money from the bank
    - bank and related lots
    - new careers
    Italian Wine OFB Set - make or drink wine, cook pizza and open an Italian restaurant. Includes sample lot as well as custom objects.
Paladin's Place - customer limit adjuster
Pam's Themes
- signs
    under Stores: lottery signs; convenience store signs: Circle K, 7-11, Wawa
Piggi's Sims - changing booth recolors
Pinky' Sims Soap -
OFB hair salon chair and displays
Pimp My Sim - OFB hair salon, groceries, deli case
Puresims - hair salon ($), bar, tanning salon, Wellnessfarm boutique
Rados Sims 2
Retail Sims
    Sim Depot, Sim Foods, Xmas Shop, Halloween Shop, SimCity Bank.
    Displays and signs: anime, aroma, Egyptian, herbs, New Age, pagan.
    Street light banners. Hair salon.
    Store items: toilet paper, box of diapers? feminine hygiene products?, brooms, dustpans, detergent, cleaners, toilet brushes, plungers
    Garbage bags and trash, toolboxes, screwdriver, hammer, wrench
    Rubbermaid container with wrapping paper, scissors, bows, ribbon
    Fairy Land store items
    Paint cans, fiberglass insulation bundles
    Butcher shop
    Candy shop
    Sewing shop - bolts of cloth, dressmaker's dummy, counters
    Pagan shop
    Goth/Vamp/Geek shop
    Camping store
    Liquor store and bar accessories
    Krispy Kreme
Sapphire Sims 2 - real food packaging by Frillen7
Sim Estates 2 - displays, changing booth, counter, bakery cases, floral station
Sim People and Me - sidewalk flower display and sign in Japanese for opening day of a new business
Sim Showroom - bakery items: pies, cookies, croissants, muffins, OFB shelves
Simbella's - modern clothing shop set by Mira here and recolors here
    signs signs for European stores and lotteries
    awning (need mesh from Mod the Sims 2)
SIMful Design ($) - market objects
Simplan-X ($)
butcher market, hair salon
Sims 2 Arena - recolors of Things4Sims cigarette machine; OFB displays and glass cases; recolor of Mango Sims Victoria set,  recolor of 4Ever Simfantasy fashion shop,
wine shop objects, mannequins with evening gowns, mannequins with coats, glass elevator/Glasaufzug
Sims 2 Bits n Pieces - womens' boutique
Sims 2 Bricabrac - OFB shelves
Sims 2 Day - grocery store set, displays, bakery case
Sims 2 Fans - OFB hair salon
Sims 2 FeeEssen - OFB garden shelves
Sims 2 for Simscorner - OFB shelves
Sims 2 GARA's Boutique - tailor shop items
Sims 2 Marktplatz - OFB display counters and shelves, Toys R Us
Sims 2 Me - many sets and objects under Objects > Sets > Shop Sets (cash register icon) and Objects > Single objects > Downtown (cash register icon). Huge "Edekaset" grocery store set, including shopping carts and checkout counter. Public toilet set: includes toilet paper dispenser, toilet brush, soap dispenser, trashcan, air hand dryer, vending machine, tip tray.
Sims 2 Sisters
- sheltered bus stop.
Sims 2 Studio - flower shop (free); ($) shoe store, toy store, erotic store, food store, pharmacy, music store, hat shop, bakery, butcher shop, outdoor produce and flower stands
Sims 2 Suchtis - OFB shelves, garden bench and flower display, hair salon chairs
Sims Connection ($) upscale store, French bakery, snack stand, sushi bar, Chicago Pizza, Starbucks, Bath and Body shop, Elegant Bridal Boutique, housewares
Sims Divine - pharmacy ($)
Simtastic - OFB shelves
Simslice - newspaper vending machines ($)
Sissy Sims 2 - OFB displays
Sophisticated Sims - home gift shop ($)
Spiffy Sims
    Shopping cart by Yggdrasil under Main > TS2 Objects > Furniture > Misc
    Shopping at Spiffy Mall store set under Misc by Mummysim
    Grocery store furniture by Steffieb
Sunair Sims - fashion shop, cosmetics
Sunni Sims - OFB shelves
TS2 Downunder - kiosk recolors
The Blarney Stone - flea market van for goods display
The Sim City Gallery for Sims 2 ($) hair salon chairs
The Sim Republic ($) OFB shelves; under Deco > Etc.:
cake mix, flour, dishwashing liquid, coffee cans, sacks of potatoes, shampoo, shopping bags, toilet paper; under Themed > Misc, red and pink striped OFB set
The Sims Resource ($)
     new food for markets by iwubu
     gas station set by Suiryuue
     shop window mannequins by cemre
     touch screen cash register by linegud
     stationery store displays by Sunair
     OFB wall recolors by simmyfan2852
The Sims Vault ($, adult) - sellable doughnuts, pizza, fried chicken
Things 4 Sims - cigarette machine in Dekoration > Set "Krims Krams #3"; modern steel and light wood store set
Tiffy May - page 5 of Objekte:
OFB hair salon and displays. Page 3 of Einzelobjeckte: OFB garden center displays and lemonade stands. Page 6 of Objekte: yellow grocery store set, red and white deli
Vita Sims ($) Tea Party Victorian shop set
Wicked Sims - OFB counters
Well Dressed Sim ($) grocery store set, FREE hair salon set
XM Sims - modern bus shelters

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