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Updated 15-Apr-07

4 Ever Simfantasy - besides the sets, there is also a pile of vinyl records and set of headphones in the donation bedroom set number 8
A Bit Modern - Recolor of Chinafan Sims Young bedroom
All4Sims - bunk bed and recolors
Alles für die Sims 2
    many new meshes for cribs, playpens, strollers, and more 
Amethyst Designs
Aussie Top Enders
Besen's Sims 2 Page - teen boy's room, including hand weights, under cardboard box icon
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes
Bines Sim Revue - girly wall sets by Spunky: neon flip flops, vanity/dressing room items, perfume, 60's girls, sleepover, shoes; recolors of Bling Bling Sims
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - green bear, blue bear, brown bear, kitty bedrooms
Birgit43 ($)
Cat and Susim's
Chinafan Sims - The Young bedroom - page 37
Cindy's Sims
Colour Your Sims
Crystal Clear Sims - under Single Bedrooms
Design It Recolours
Die Sims Trickkiste
Distant Eyes ($)
Dreamland Sims 2
Dulce Walls - framed prints: plane, tractor, and dump truck; kids' room wallpaper
Eclectic Sims

    toys under New Objects > Sets
    child and teen bedrooms
under Recolours > Sets
    ($) child-sized
dining table and chairs
    huge set of excellent stove recolors
    Hello Kitty girl's room under Arredamento > Bedroom: rug, playable Hello kitty doll, bed linen, end table, wardrobe, vanity, desk, chair, walls
Enchanted Forest
Esse Ti Sims Royale
Fashion 4 Sims 2
Game Island - rugs under Objects > Misc; kid-sized table and chairs under  Kids Room
Gerdi's Sims 2
Guderun's Sims - bedroom sets, and deco:
    under Objekt Meshes > Deco: cute wooden animals and animal statues, Pikachu, Barbie, cartoon characters, nonplayable dollhouses, rubber duckies for the tub and shower, pink rose mirror, rugs, hamsters
Herself 4 Sims 2 - teen bedroom, girls' bathroom
Kane's Sims 2 Design
Kit's Sims 2 Stuff
Limmerfer's Sims 2
Linda's Glamour Sims
Linda's Sims2Torials - bunk beds, ($) comic books
Mango Sims
Mel and Her Gang's Sims Playhouse
Melon Fresh
Meshkiste - look under "Kinderzimmer"
Mod the Sims 2
    bunk beds

    clutter for a girl's desk by alanyaangel
    hack to make kids do their homework in their bedroom by dizzy2
    kids' drawings; art for kids' and teens' bedrooms by maree464
modern pastel teen room by jasmine 1
Maxis match toy boxes for Colonial beds by darter1234
Nengi's Builds and Things
Objects for Sims 2
    books, magazines, DVDs, posters by phantasygurl
    Princess Carriage bedroom by hopebayler - girl's bed is inside a white carriage; other matching bedroom furniture
    Space Fun - walls, floors, pajamas
    Surf Beach bedroom - looks like the bed is in a little cabin, and the dresser is a beach cabana
Piggis Sims - theme rugs for kids' rooms (tractor, stop sign, sports, etc.)
Prusters Sims 2 - bunk beds
Romance Sims
Ruckus Sims - ($) pay set
SSSDesigns Sims 2

Sasi's Sims
Sim Design Sisters - Bacchus
Sim Gedohns
Sim Mania 2 (Yahoo group)
Sim Times
Simaholics R Us
Simcastic Designs - under Bedrooms and Sport Bedrooms
SIMful Design (part $)
Simpatico Sims
Simplan X ($) new mesh playroom set with chairs and table; Cottage Bedroom set
Simple Style
Simply Sims 2 Recolours
Simply Simsational - Beach Bound bedroom
Sims 2 Arena
Sims 2 Atelier
Sims 2 Fans - teen girl's pink bedroom with disco and flamingo lights
Sims 2 FeeEssen - bunk beds
Sims 2 Find Ich Gut
Sims 2 Illusion
Sims 2 Me
Sims 2 Marktplatz
Sims 2 Objekte by MLK
Sims 2 Play
Sims 2 Studio

Sims Addicted
Sims Divine
Sims Express
Sims Fashion Barn
Sims in Paris
Sims Islands
Sims Vault (adult, pay)

Sissys Sims
Spiffy Sims - PB Teen bedroom

Springwolf's Elegant Decor
Stylishly Tiggerific TS2
Stylist Sims ($) Montreal teen room
Sunni Sims - teen/dorm room in several colors
TS2 Downunder
The "B" List
The Sims Resource ($)
    PBTeen and Tommy Hilfiger sets by waverly (many more kid and teen sets here, of course)
    Honey Bee set by NoFrills
    neon sports-themed prints by Primetime024
    basketball dunk prints by Primetime024
    Paul Frank bedroom set by agaliha5
    surfboard paintings by Primetime024
    other framed prints for kids and teens by Primetime024

The Sims Zone
Those Krazy Sims
Totally Sim Crazy
Varotica's Fashion - cheerful red hearts on yellow
Vita Sims ($)
Wall Sims - Loulou, Salome, and Girly
Well Dressed Sim - Comfy Kids sets
Xuan Sims

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