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Updated 9-Apr-07

37 Sims - wine bottle holder
All4Sims - wine shop and recolors
Biggis Sims 2 -
  Glühwein stand
Chi-Sa-Go - old black wine bottle in a dark wicker holder
Classy Sims Designs - Coffee Cup kitchen set with wine bottle framed print
Crystal Clear Sims - Wine Country bar set
Mango Sims - bottle and glasses in Salons > page 3 > Set Valentine
Meshkiste - wine bottle and glasses under Lampen/Deko; Champagne bottle in bucket in Honeymoon (white and gold) bedroom (click on Schlafzimmer)
Mod the Sims 2
    house with wine cellar by xylune
    wine crate labels by Lezibeth
    wall-mounted wine rack by phervers
    keg by phervers
    Chatteau [sic] Christas with wine shack by siempre
    cheese and bread on a cutting board by exnem
    free-standing wine rack by Saiz08
    shelf with cookbooks and wineglasses by boblishman
prints by justmoi
    wine barrel by phervers
    harvestable grapevines by Echo
    Champagne and glasses by Birgit43
Champagne (different famous brands), bucket and glasses by -Maylin-
Moune's Neighborhood - Champagne bottle and glasses
    functional wine cask
    blue Champagne bottle and blue glasses
    Italian Wine OFB Set - make or drink wine, cook pizza and open an Italian restaurant. Includes sample lot as well as custom objects.
Peggy Sims ($) wine bottles, glasses and pitcher in Bathroom 0009
Sapphire Sims 2 - realistic wine bottles by Frillen7
Serenity Sims - vintage Taittinger floor-standing print under Decorative
Simcredible - folding wicker table with wine bottle and limes
Simgedohns - book and glass of wine
Simplan-X - bottle of wine
Sims 2 FeeEssen - wall-mounted wine casks, tray with Champagne glasses, wine cooler,
Sims 2 GARA's Boutique - wine bottles and pewter cups
Sims 2 You - wine bottles
Sims Connection ($) - Napa Valley wine shop
Spiffy Sims - wine bottles with candles by Yggdrasil
The Sims Resource ($)
    Large painting of pouring a bottle of red wine into a glass by HChangeri
    freestanding wine racks (one brown, one white) by c_literati
    themed paintings by c_literati
    wine crate labels by Lezibeth
    modern wine rack by mutske
    modern wine rack by Nanshi_Nibble
    painting, wine list tapestry by
    The Philosophical Wine Set by parkinsoplayer
Vita Sims ($) bar unit with wine rack

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