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Also see Tea, Coffee, Wine, Cocktails

37 Sims - wine bottle holder, toaster, condiments, fruit basket, tea set, clocks
4Ever Simfantasy - lots of deco items included in kitchen sets and a few in the dining sets
Around the Sims 2
    decorative tray
    wooden tray (more for a living room, but lovely)
Anna's Sims 2 Stuff -
cookie jar
- drinking water dispenser ($)
Aussie Top Enders - decorative china for hanging on the wall
Babbyebe Sims - stainless steel and red items, page 29: scale, teakettle, salt and pepper, pot
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - classic combo of commercial napkin holder, ketchup, and mustard
Birtge - not clear if they're part of the sets, but the screencaps of the kitchen sets on pages 1 and 2 show a dishrack, breadbasket, paper towel holder, cutting board with cheese, and wire basket with fruit
Chinafan Sims - shelf with deco items, page 23;
ashtray, in bedroom set on page 44
Die Sims Trickkiste - tray with pitcher and cups under Outdoors, from Sissy's Sims
Dincer Hepguler
- paper towel roll,
hand towels, plates of food, scale, breadboxes, cake under a glass dome, bowl of doughnuts, jar of macaroni, utensils in a holder, trays with liquor flasks and glasses, Moroccan tagine
Eclectic Sims - decorative plates, table settings, hanging oven mitts, and countertop oven mitts under New Objects > Decorative
Einfach Simlisch
cocktail glasses, dish of lemons
    vegetables, knife block
Exnem's Sims - Seasons utensil jar recolor
Helga Sims - pots, herbs, wine, paper towels in Lana kitchen set
Holy Simoly - bowl of lemons, bowl of pears under Decorative
Linda's Sim2Torials - dish drainer, working hibachi (toaster oven), canisters, cookie jars

    Meubles > Recolorables > Mesh for dishrack
    Meubles > Sets > Cuisine > Set Mikado - dishrack

    Meubles > Sets > Salons > Set Horus - wood tray ("plateau")
    Meubles > Sets > Autres > Set Jeanne - basket of green apples
($) Meubles > Donation Sets > Page 3 Set salon Cerise: wooden tray with mugs, glass dish with green apples
Max 3D - new food processor and coffee machine meshes
Meshkiste - tray with beer glasses, tray with bread and cheese in Marilu set; wall-mounted hanging racks and cutting board by Phelana
Mod the Sims 2
    Bowl of pears by crowridgestudio
    Kitchen knives in wood block by boblishman
    Dishracks by boblishman
    Dishes for boblishman's dishrack by mizmugs
    Old-fashioned white breadbox by CTNutmegger
    Miscellaneous objects by luslipz73
    frying pan with eggs by OoGaBbErZiCkEoO
    bowl of red apples by fanseelamb
    bowl of green apples by fanseelamb
    default plate and bowl recolors by GunMod
    breakfast tray by Cazkiwi
    jars, boxes of food by Cazkiwi
    dish soap recolor by auracyan
    white pitcher by Ailias
    shelves with items on top and pots hung below by boblishman
    shelf with cookbooks and wineglasses by boblishman
    basket of baguettes by exnem
    Lipton Tea by alanyaangel
    miscellaneous objects by SwtNess2
(part of Pillsbury Dough Boy kitchen set): dishes and cups, canisters, Pillsbury Dough Boy dishes, dishrack, pantry/cupboard food items
       more recolors of this set by SwtNess2
    salt and pepper shaker by alanyaangel
    35 food/drink paintings by MishNumber1
    breakfast tray by Luslipz73
musicgirl713 - oven mitts and potholders
SSSDesigns Sims 2 Mirror - Chilipepper kitchen: plate display, oven mitts, dish drying rack, soap, towel, stovetop espresso maker, cups and saucers, mortar and pestle (food processor), canisters, hot sauces, spring water dispenser, clock, pots and pans
Savage Sims
- Heineken bottles
Serenity Sims
    tray with drinks and a plate, in recolor of Avalon's Pure Living room
    large woven basket with green apples in recolor of StudioB43's Rattanset living room
Sim Gedohns
modern dish with green apples in Livingroom set 3, breakfast tray in Yang bedroom, ($) barbecue sauce bottles in Premiumset 04
Sim People and Me

    mug and cookies on a tray in Relaxed Time room set
    broom in Ochanoma dining room set
Simcredible -
drink, bananas, fruit; wicker TV table with wine bottle and fruit; many deco items in donation kitchen set
SiMHz - utensils, toaster, wok, cutting board with fruit, canisters (all free), tray of oranges
    Color Me a Kitchen ($) canisters, waffle maker, breadbox
    Juliano Kitchen: spice rack, cooking pot, tools, salt and pepper shakers, bottle of wine
    Simplicity Kitchen: breadbox, fruit bowl, cheese board
Simply Sims 2 Recolours - dishrack
Simply Styling - tropical drinks, tray with melon and coconut in Romantic Garden outdoor set
Sims 2 Beauty - towels and potholders
Sims 2 Center - bowl with flowers, paper towel holder
Sims 2 Ellis - package of cigarettes, ashtray and cigarette
Sims 2 Fans - tray with mugs and a giant red dictionary???
Sims 2 FeeEssen - waffle maker, egg cooker, paper towel holder, pot and pan set, pan with glass lid, tray, punch bowl, ice?, fondue set, European wall-mounted water boiler, coffee mills, meat slicer, pan of lasagne, bread in a basket, scale, mixer   
Sims 2 Gara's Boutique - wall-hung copper molds and pots, garlic and meat? bag?, and fruit picture (fire alarm)
Sims 2 Me - potholders,
salt/pepper/napkin holder, fruit under Meshes, windowsills with cookbooks
Sims 2 Marktplatz - breadbox, bowl of kiwis in kitchen sets by Arenia, recolor of Simsstore plastic tray
Sims 2 Sisters - bread basket, dishrack, pots and pans, dish of apples, tray with cups and bowl
Sims 2 Studio
- (hard to tell if these are recolors or just set decorations from other sites)

    Champagne in bucket and glasses in Livingroom Linda
    coffee carafe and mug in Tearoom and Patioset Cleo
    deco in Coke-Room
    Kitchen Vienna
    breadbox in Kitchenset Silver
Fruit Shop: tray with an orange and orange slices; black cocktail glass
Sims Divine - nested frying pans, casserole pots ($) pitcher and cups; sliced fruit

    spilled milk and cookie with a bite out of it, under Objects > New Meshes > Decoration > page 2
    kitchen clutter under
Objects > New Meshes > Decoration > page 1
and dish soap under Objects > New Meshes, Decoration > page 3 -
drying rack, spices, cookbook and timer, stack of glasses, pots
Simtastic - table runner and candlesticks under Objects > Decorative > Misc
Sissys Sims 2 Site - tray with pitcher and colored plastic cups for the patio
Schnattchen's Sims2 Action - breadboxes, bread
Solander's Welt
[World] - knife block, vegetables in Futurama kitchen set; bowl of lemons, martini glass with blue liquid/lemons/dish of olives, umbrella drinks and fruit

Spiffy Sims
    Overhead pot rack by Yggdrasil, under
Main > TS2 Objects > Furniture > Misc
Springwolf's Elegant Decor
    dishrack in Ducky Time Kitchen
    dishrack, teakettle, toaster recolors in Rodeo Peppers kitchen
    mug holder, tray with bowls, teapot and cups on tray in
Country Sand kitchen
Street Chicers -
tray with bottle and glasses in patio set; toaster under Misc.
StudioB43 ($) "Outside" donation set: napkins and ashtray, cutting board, serving cart
Stylishly Tiggerific TS2 - Liz Recolors > Apple Blossom Kitchen: dishrack, knife block, basket of red apples, canisters, table setting, oven mitts, teapot, clutter on top of fridge
Sunair Sims

    bowl of fruit and newspapers pg 48
    ice bucket? and glasses on a tray page 30-04
    pot, teakettle, bowl, and cups on page 21-03
    dishrack and dishes on page 21-04
    table settings on page 16-04
Tarox - coffee cups and dishes in kitchen sets under Verschiedenes; basket of eggs in Roman-style set (
The Complete Sim - canister recolors
The Honey Drop - trashcan recolors
The Sims Resource ($)
    spice racks, napkin holders by simaddict99
    decorative plates by wildstar24
    wall clocks by Raveena
          requires Bitzybus's mesh
    pizza paddle by MsBarrows
    cheese (wheels, pieces on plates) by parkinsoplayer
The Sim Rebublic ($)
under Deco > Etc.: lasagna pan, cake mix, flour, dishwashing liquid, coffee cans, sacks of potatoes
The Sims Zone - mug stand and mugs
Things4Sims - knifeblock? and baskets
Those Krazy Sims - trashbin recolors
Vamp Life - elegant dish for display (for the living room)
Vita Sims ($) dishracks, canisters, cupstand and cups, basket of fruit
Wall Sims
    Serenity set - Champagne in bucket
    Summer kitchen ($) - drinks, fruit
    Roma - place settings
    Bordeaux - large black plate with fruit
    Victoria - fruit in white bowl
    Alma - fruit in black bowl, dishrack (Mango Sims mesh)
    Epsilon - black tray with light brown mugs
    Memory ($) - tray with items
    Jardin - sodas
    Lucky dining room ($) plate of peaches
XM Sims - wok, kitchen 3; table settings, kitchen 2 ($) and kitchen 1

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