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Updated 30-Jun-07

All4Sims -
water pump
All About Style - "Little House on the Prairie" clothing under Themes
Around the Sims 2 - old-fashioned school desk (end table) in Atrus study set
Aussie Top Enders - door and window sets
Avenida Sims - hurricane lamp wall sconce
Besen's Sims 2 Page - extensive outdoor laundry set: washlines, basket, drying rack, tub with washer board, soap - page 2 of Curtains/Decoratives
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - water pump, barrel table and chair
Crystal Clear Sims - jail
Melon Fresh - family outfits
Meshkiste - wooden overhanging roof; rustic doors
Mod the Sims 2

    blacksmith's forge by wintermuteai1
    blacksmith's anvil by wintermuteai1
    stocks by generalzoi
    spacesaver (two-tile) ladder stairs by Targa
    wooden ladder by Targa
formal and everyday pioneer dresses by Cee
bullwhip accessory by generalzoi
    working covered wagon and horses by hexameter
    rideable horse
by hexameter
    working coal stove by Numenor
    chimney stove
    decorative wagon wheel
Pam's Themes - Gold Rush community lot, signs, walls
Paradise Sims - candlestick, hurricane lamps
    also peasant clothes for women by Arthelope
Sapphire Sims - toddler dress and scarf
Simplan-X - cart, swinging doors, stained glass windows
Sims 2 FeeEssen - spinning wheel,
woodpiles, old-fashioned washing setup: stove, tubs, washboards, drying rack; swinging doors,
Sims Fashion Barn - decorative wagon wheel
Spiffy Sims - Wild Wild West market by UmaDesign
Tarox - wooden bathtub in Medieval Bathroom set
The Sims 2 c Ellis.ru - saloon set (booth, keg, outhouse, more)
The Sims Resource ($)

    potbelllied stove by luvs10s
    candes in bottles by MsBarrows
    post and rail fences by Cyclonesue
    free Ponderosa horse and buggy by Netseeker
    wooden washing machine, wash stand, scrub board and tub, sacks of flour, butter churn   by Cashcraft ($)

All4Sims - "Rodeo" bedroom, paintings of horses
All About Style - cowboy hats for women
Cat and SuSims - Bronco Billy sim with suede jacket and cowboy hat
Lliella Sims 2 - Cowgirl Glam Collection
Mod the Sims 2
    cowboy hat by funnyycats
Maxis sofa with Western silhouette pillows by peepers42
womens' outfits by michellemybelle
Open House
($) chaps
Parsimonious - OK Corral nursery
Sims 2 Arena - bedroom
Sims Connection ($) Cowgirl boots, ($) Rodeo Cowboys
Sims Epidemic - Puppy Corral nursery
Springwolf's Elegant Decor - artwork in Southwest bathroom
The Sims Resource
    log home interiors by simaddict 99: living, dining, child's bedroom, master bedroom. Western Leather, Western Denim, and Ranch.

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