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20th century items
See Historical Clothing for older clothing; see Victorian for older furniture and housing
See also Southwest, Farm, Western, Medieval

Updated 27-Mar-07

All About Style - 20's, 40's, 50's, 60's; vintage underwear theme
Besens Sims 2 Page                                                      
    50's glasses, hats
Bipsouille's Sims 2 - flapper headbands with feathers - 20's-30's-40's clothes and hair for women
Dee's Decor 4 Sims - 20s-30s, 60s-70s
Elite Sims 2 - 50's clothes
Glamour Sim ($) - 50's pink and black bowling- and poodle-themed outfits
InSIMenator - 40's pinup athletic wear by BrinasCreations
Mermaid Cove - 20's-30's-40's-50s-ish teen dresses
Mod the Sims 2
    1950s clothes by macthekat
    1940s dress by mininessie
    flapper dresses by thehobbitwaffle
    fedoras by SSChan
Peggy Sims - 1940s millinery neeting 0109
Pico's Multiwear - 50s red dress and pink/black poodle outfit by MonoChaos
Rensim - 50's pinup/sexy outfits
Sim Creation - 50's teen dresses
Sim Freaks ($) "Notting Hill"  womens' clothing
Simpathetic - hairstyles
Sims 2 Net - early 20th century clothing
Skysims - Women's 50s skirt and sweater
Sophisticated Sims - men's Edwardian suit and smoking jacket ($)
Spiffy Sims
    50's flip hairdo and 50's pink poodle bedroom
        by Betsy4Arts
    50's poodle skirt and sweater and retro home
        by Nethie
Tabala's Creations - dresses (guest artist at Besens Sims 2 page)
Tarox - pre-1920s clothing
The Blarney Stone - 50's teen outfits
The Complete Sim - 30's dresses
The Sims Resource
Vintage Sims

Sims, lots from 50s-80s TV shows

Objects and other
All4Sims - Coke machine by derMarcel
Avenida Sims - TVs, radios, hi-fis
Babbyebe Sims - hi-fi, page 31; accordion metal wall lamps, page 35
ConstruSims - 40's pinups
Crystal Clear Sims - hot dog and Coke posters
Dee's Decor 4 Sims - 20s advertising and fashion prints
Digital Perversion - print of Bettie Page lounging in a cocktail glass
Dulce Walls - vintage ads from SimWardrobe mesh
Enchanted Forest - framed Our Gang and Three Stoges photos
Holy Simoly! - ($) 50's fridges
Hummingbird Recolors - 50's brown and pink heart bed recolor, under Decor
Independent Sims - vintage fruit crate labels, ads, and travel posters
     7 Up poster by bogart61
     Little Joe's Good Eats poster by bogart61
     old movie posters by bogart61
Laurel Designs - 50's Sparkle restaurant seating and counter
Linda's Sims2Torials - iceboxes (pre-electric refrigerators)
MABRA's Gallery 4 Sims - old movie posters
Meshkiste - old-fashioned glass-globe gas station pumps that works as a dresser
Mod the Sims 2
    1955 Porsche by wintermuteai1
    70's house by Space_Case
    pearl pink sportscar by samanthamas
    '57 Chevy by DBCAB
    20's Model T Ford by wintermuteai1
    50's TV by Targa
    Betty Boop animated wall clock by boblishman
    Radiola cabinet by hed
    1940's radio by xanathon
    old-fashioned shortwave receiver by xanathon
    old-fashioned AM radio by xanathon
    old-fashioned TV by xanathon
    60's style radio by boblishman
    old-fashioned radio by xanathon
Playboy pinball machine by allupo
    food and drink prints by justmoi
    giant Retroville set by multiple creators
    1940s pinup posters by Starangel13
    1940s framed pinups by Starangel13
    1950s console record player
    Old-fashioned white breadbox by CTNutmegger
    all kinds of retro stuff by Shannanisims
         retro kitchen set mesh: canisters
         retro kitchen set mesh: table and chair
         retro kitchen set mesh: overhead cabinets, cabinets
         retro kitchen set mesh: stove, rangehood
         retro kitchen set mesh: fridge
         retro kitchen set mesh: overhead light
    recolor of Shannanisims' retro kitchen set by wirelessguy
    1910 wall phone by -Maylin-
    antique table phone by HystericalParoxysm
    usable treadle sewing machine by cokenasmile
    usable floor loom by cokenasmile
    50's metal patio set by CTNutmegger
Objects for Sims 2 - nostalgic clock set under Objects
Open House - free retro posters
Piggi's Sims - vintage posters
Sim People and Me - 50s TV in Ochanoma dining room set
Sims 2 Day - wallpaper with border of black vinyl records (page 3)
Sims 2 Marktplatz - American Pinups here and here; 50's Chevy BelAir here
Sims 2 Net - Lost city of Korsbaek: team design by Sims 2 Net, Sims, and Neighborhood, families, houses, community lot, walls, and objects.
Sims 2 Studio - Coke [Recreation] Room
Spiffy Sims
    Coca-Cola kitchen by ead425
    retro floors and walls by Malitia and HeartSpirit
Springwolf's Elegant Decor - CocaCola-themed living room ($)
Stylishly Tiggerific TS2 - ABC 123 wooden child's bedroom furniture
Sweet Simsations Studio - 1920s framed fashion prints
The Blarney Stone - 50's jukebox
The Sims Resource ($)
    Coca-Cola wallpaper by iZazu, Artistvrd, and Iceman721
    50's Diner Collection by Dotcombuilder - vintage car poster, stainless steel fridge, white fridge, Coca-Cola tapestry, counter, barstool, card table, egg chair, bar countertop, walls, floors
    50's Sparkle diner set by laurel37 - dining booth, pressed stainless steel walls, counter seats, counter, table, linoleum floor
    50's bedroom and living room by Cashcraft
    glass-globe gas pumps by Cyclonesue
    50's Living sets by Shannanigan
    transistor tabletop radio by Shannanigan
    1930s-40s wallpaper by ricky2bailey
    retro speckle bath tile by Henwen
    50's hair salon by Shannanigan
    retro living room sets by Padre333
    Nifty 50's living room by dancingaphrodite
    40's tropical swimsuits by Xandher
    vintage US travel posters here and here by Lekker Sims
Xanathons Simsations - TV, two radios

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